Rescuers Save Dog Who Was Stuck In A Bear Trap For Two Weeks

A dog in Przemysl, Poland has an incredible survival story that puts 127 Hours to shame. His front and back left legs got caught in a bear trap in the forest, and he couldn’t get free. For two weeks the pup was stuck, unable to get food or shelter. The only way he was able to stay alive was to lick snow on the ground near him to stay hydrated.

Finally, after his grueling two weeks alone in the forest, workers from Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy, a local animal rescue, found the pup and got him out of the trap. His wounds were infested with worms and infections that nearly killed him, and both of the legs had to be amputated. But this survivor dog made an amazing recovery, and the rescue group named him Forest.

Forest is a sweet, happy pup despite all that he went through. He’ll need prosthetics to help hold his weight, but for now he’s getting around fairly well. And he seems very grateful and loving to the people who rescued him. You can check out Centrum Adopcyjne Lecznicy on Facebook for more updates about Forest.

Would you be able to survive two weeks alone in the woods? Would you adopt a dog like Forest? Let us know in the comments below!

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