Neglected Dog Who Lost All Four Paws Can Walk Again With Prosthetics

A Rottweiler walks on a leash with four prosthetic paws attached to his legs.

(Picture Credit: Vine – Colorado State University)

Brutus the Rottweiler wasn’t born into a good life. As a puppy, he was neglected by his former owners, dog breeders, who left him out in freezing cold temperatures for so long that all four of his paws had frostbite. Then, rather than take the puppy for proper veterinary care, the horrible owners decided to amputate Brutus’s paws on their own.

The amateur surgery left Brutus without paws and barely able to walk on his own. He certainly couldn’t run and play like other puppies. Luckily, Brutus was rescued and taken into a loving foster home. His new family started a campaign to raise money for Brutus corrective surgery and artificial limbs. Hundreds of supporters were touched by his story, and the campaign raised over $15,000.

Brutus steps over a hurdle while a trainer stands next to him.

(Picture Credit: Vine – Colorado State University)

A company called OrthoPets took on the challenge of creating four prosthetic paws for Brutus, making him only the second quadruple amputee dog to have these devices. And the best news is Brutus can walk again! He’s still a bit shaky on his new paws, but he’s getting therapy and training, and the prosthetics are being adjusted. Soon Brutus will be more sure-footed and doing all the things any other dog can do.

It’s truly touching to see Brutus’s progress. He has a never-give-up spirit that should inspire all of us. What do you think? Do you find Brutus to be an inspiration? Let us know in the comments below.

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