Dog Trapped In Storm Drain Rescued With Jackhammer [VIDEO]

Mater, a 14 year old Beagle mix left home and did not make it back. As the days passed his owner was starting to fear the worst. Meanwhile the residents of nearby Pinch, West Virginia kept hearing a barking dog, but were unable to locate the source. A determined neighbor finally traced the distressed sound as coming from a storm drain.

Charleston Gazette-Mail reports: That the Pinch volunteer fire department was called and arrived on scene. They tried to retrieve the dog from the drain. When that didn’t work they called West Virginia American Water to see if any near by crews had a jackhammer. A team showed up and they worked together cutting through the concrete and then the storm drain.

Mater was pulled to safety and returned to his owners. The grateful family took him home for a rib dinner.

Sources; Daily Mail, Charleston Gazette-Mail, Fox 61 


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