Washing Stray Dogs In Thailand Is One Man’s Way Of Showing His Love For Dogs

Washing stray dogs in Thailand. (Photo Credit: Sortsart Wisetsin)

A young man named Sortsart Wisetsin is doing his part to help the homeless dogs in his home country of Thailand. He became attached to a stray dog that was hanging around his dormitory while he was in school studying mass communications. He fed the dog every evening, but due to strict rules was not able to bring the dog into his room. There was a rule forbidding stray dogs from sleeping in the dorms, but no rule against pets. He did a quick fix which was to adopt his friend and named her Gluta.

Sadly, within a few months Gluta began to get sick. She had several illnesses, including canine cancer. It took a few years to nurse her back to health. Once she was better she was the happiest dog in the world. She was so happy that people in his village all knew Sortsart as the man with the happiest dog in the world.

Gluta had such an impact on Sortsart that he wanted to help other stray dogs, so he began washing stray dogs and made this beautiful video showing his work. What stands out is how happy the dogs are to receive a little love and affection from a human.

His reason for giving them baths is to clean them up, rid them of some of their fleas, odor and filth from the street and let them have a fresh start and perhaps a new outlook on life.

A clean dog is a happy dog. (Photo Credit: Sortsart Wisetsin)

He currently works as a videographer and this video was posted to YouTube last month titled The Joy of Giving: When I Bathe Stray Dogs. It has helped bring awareness to the extreme homeless dog situation in Thailand.

The number of stray dogs in Bangkok, Thailand was last estimated to be around 300,000. One of the organizations that is helping with this enormous task is the Soi Dog Foundation located in Phuket. The need to get these rescued dogs into homes is so great, they do not charge an adoption fee. However donations are appreciated and gladly accepted, so they are able to continue their work. All the dogs are vaccinated, spayed and or neutered, and very adoptable.

The Soi Dogs Foundation works to better the lives of abandoned and feral dogs and nurse the sick back to health. Their work includes bringing an end to the dog meat trade in Vietnam. They have made great progress in all areas and have sterilized over 80,000 dogs and cats. In addition to donations, Soi Dog relies heavily on volunteers.

The organization is highly regarded and animal loving tourists visiting Phuket often volunteer while they are in town. Even a few hours walking dogs and playing with them can be a huge boost for morale.

One act of kindness. (Photo Credit: Sortsart Wisetsin)

Wag of the tail to IHeartDogs.com for sharing the video!