Beagles: puppy and dog breed highlights

Considering a Beagle? While every dog is an individual, it can’t hurt to know a few things about the breed’s reputation before deciding to make one part of your family. For the Beagle in a nutshell, check out our list of highlights below. And for an-depth look at the history and personality of this type of dog, take a look at our Beagle breed profile.

Beagles… the good stuff

  • These dogs are exceptionally affectionate with their human family, are open to strangers, and usually get along great with kids.
  • Beagles are generally friendly with other dogs.
  • Beagles are not big shedders and require very little grooming.

Beagles… don’t say we didn’t warn you

  • Some say they’re stubborn, but we prefer to think of them as having independent spirits. Beagles are not the easiest dogs to train.
  • Beagles can be mouthy. Start training bite inhibition early.
  • Like many breeds, Beagles don’t do well with long stretches by themselves. They should not be left alone for hours on end.
  • Thanks to their short hair, Beagles are quick to chill in colder climates. Make sure yours stays warm during the winter months.
  • Beagles tend to have a lot of energy, and are not particularly well-suited for apartment living unless they get out several times a day for walks, runs, or rounds of fetch.
  • Beagles howl. Beagles bark. Beagles are not quiet dogs.