Golden Retriever Rescued From Korean Meat Farm Gets A New Life

Chi Chi is the casualty of a Korean dog meat farm.

Warning, this story may not be suitable for some readers. It discusses a difficult subject and shows graphic images but it is a story of overcoming, living, and finding love in the end.

Chi Chi had her legs bound and was hung in a South Korean butcher shop. They believe this will make her meat more tender. She was left there so long that her legs started to rot and wasn’t a good source of meat so they put her in a trash bag and threw her out.

As horrific as it sounds, dog meat butchers believe that pain caused by torture makes the meat of the dog more tender.

After being found in a trash bin she was taken to the vet. Her tendons and bones were exposed and her entire body was infected. International non-profit rescue and advocacy group ARME (Animal Rescue Media and Education) helped rescue the Gold Retriever along with their South Korean partner group Nabiya Hope and dedicated themselves to restoring her the best they could so she could have a good life.

The vet said that to save her life, all of her legs would have to be amputated. They questioned, what her quality of life would be like for a dog with four amputated legs and considered putting her down. The decision to save her came from Chi Chi herself, she had such a loving outlook and desire to live. She made it clear to the rescue group that she did not want to die. She wanted to live. She is now learning how to get around and walk on prosthetic legs.

Even when you see her hobbling around on 4 stumps she looks so happy and grateful to be alive. She doesn’t even seem to realize what she is missing. All she sees is what she has.

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