57 Dogs Saved From South Korean Meat Market

(Photo Credit: Humane Society of America)

(Photo Credit: Humane Society of America)

57 dogs and puppies from South Korea who were being bred and raised on a dog meat farm were saved and the Humane Society of the United States made this sad and beautiful video to help draw attention to the problem. They came from deplorable living conditions. Thanks to the efforts of both Humane Society International and Change for Animals Foundation, all of the 57 dogs and puppies were placed in emergency shelters in San Fransisco and receiving medical attention. They have also been getting some much needed socialization. They have spent their entire lives in small rusty cages.

South Korea is the only country that actually farms dogs and puppies for the dog meat industry.

The farmer that had them in his care released all 57 dogs and signed an agreement to pursue agriculture with his land, instead of breeding dogs for their source of protein.

Canines are highly intuitive, they seem to know they are in good hands now. These are just a few dogs of the dogs that have been rescued from the butchers block. Hopefully in the not too distant future more puppy farmers will also find other ways to support their families.

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