Rescuers Couldn’t Tell His Front From His Back [VIDEO]

Fox 2 Detroit News reported that a small, mix breed, dog was found roaming the streets near the Detroit City Airport. The little lap dog, was in terrible condition with long matted fur when a good Samaritan spotted him and was able to wrangle and get him to the Gross Point Animal Adoption Society. It wasn’t an easy task.  Dog’s with extremely matted fur are usually in so much pain they won’t let anyone near them.

According to one of the rescue workers, you could not see his eyes, or tell which end was front or back. He had great difficulty eating due to the tangled fur and going to the bathroom was not any easier. Every time he peed it went all over him. He had to be sedated just to be groomed. 2 pounds of hair, dirt and fecal matter were removed from his body and he was christened with the name Dakota.

Dakota is getting some much needed socialization and will be available for adoption in the near future. He still needs sterilization and a few more vet checks. Staff workers are hoping this story gets shared and that it deters unwanted pet owners from abandoning their animals in the streets.

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