Bentley the Shih Tzu’s amazing transformation

In February of this year, a young Shih Tzu named Bentley was brought to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.

Bentley is dropped off at the rescue. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue)

When he arrived he smelled horrible and his fur was incredibly matted.

Bentley was in bad shape. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue)

The vet described his condition as one of “immense suffering.” You can see the suffering on his face in these early photos. Bentley was terrified and aggressive and refused to be touched.

The vet had to sedate him so that they could groom him properly, and they had to cancel all their clients for the day because Bentley was an all day job.

Bentley had to be sedated. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue)

They also flushed his tear ducts, vaccinated him and treated him for fleas and worms.

Bentley’s bath. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue)

For years he had lived in a condition of horrible neglect, but now he’s meeting his new parents and moving into a loving forever home.

Bentley’s new look. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue)

Bentley looks a million times better and he’s not aggressive anymore. He loves to be touched.

The new Bentley. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Dog Rescue)

It’s amazing what a little love can do in the life of an animal.

Now Bentley has his own parents and he loves to smother them in kisses.

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