Service Dog Named Bullet Mourns Owner Who Died In Oregon Shooting [VIDEO]


On October 1st, 44 year old, Sarena Moore was shot in her writing class at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Oregon. The disabled mother of 3 was told to get on the floor and complied, then the shooter demanded that she get back in her wheelchair and shot her in the process. Moore’s service dog Bullet never left her side.

Travis Dow (Moore’s fiance) was surprised the following day when police arrived at their residence, to return her possessions and Bullet (who got the name from a previous owner) was one of them.

Dow gave Bullet a hat Sarena use to wear. Bullet sleeps with the hat and sometimes carries it around. Together, they will have to move on.

“It’s going to be hard,” Dow told KOIN “But me and him got the willpower to make it together.”

It sounds like Moore’s service dog just became her fiance’s service dog.