7 Great Danes Who Think They’re Lapdogs [VIDEOS]

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 19 - Morgan sits on owner, Cathy Payne's lap in a downtown park on a walk. An Ontario dog is the world's tallest female dog and will be entered into the 2014 Guinness Book of Records. Her name is Morgan and she's a 5 yr old Great Dane which weighs 214 lbs and stands 38.6 inches tall.. September 19, 2013.

(Picture Credit: Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

When you think of a big dog, there’s a good chance you’re picturing a Great Dane. They’re huge pups who could easily be mistaken for small horses!

But that doesn’t stop them from thinking like lapdogs. These big pooches love to curl up in spaces normally reserved for the little guys, like laps and beds. Sometimes Great Danes just don’t care about their own size.

Here are seven hilarious videos of Great Danes who act like lapdogs.

1. What Do You Mean I’m Crushing You?

Bosk is really excited to have a nice lap to sit on while he chews the sofa pillows. Unfortunately, the lap in question is about half his size.

The seven-year-old boy does his best to scoot out from underneath the massive pup, but Bosk isn’t having it. He’s found a comfy spot, and he’s not letting it walk away.

2. If I Don’t Fits, I Still Sits

This Great Dane was feeling a little jealous of his little brother’s bed.

After quite a bit of maneuvering, the big pup manages to curl and contort his body to stuff himself in.

He’s still spilling out of the bed a bit, but this big guy seems convinced that he can fit in little beds just like his lapdog buddies.

 3. Watch Out For The Little Guy

The Chihuahua in this video looks smaller than the Great Dane’s head, but that doesn’t stop the big guy from being terrified of the yappy little pup.

He instantly plops down on his human’s lap to be held and comforted. His cowardly nature is just like Scooby-Doo, another cowardly Great Dane.

4. Don’t Mind Me

Bodie Gene is just a pup who wants to snuggle with his human, Roy. But Bodie Gene happens to be about the length of the entire couch.

That doesn’t stop this dog from taking a nice position on top of his human. Bodie even looks over at Roy as if to say, “Good thing I fit so perfectly in this comfy spot.”

5. Diesel In The Car

Diesel is much bigger than his human child sister, but her car seat looks pretty comfortable. Somehow this big guy is convinced that he needs a booster seat, even though he’s a giant.

With a grumble he gives up the car seat and takes his usual place in the back with lots of room. You’d think he’d be happier there, but Diesel believes he’s just a little kid.

6. I Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

Titus is nice and cozy on his human’s bed. But it’s time to get up, and he’s not too happy about it.

He seems to think there’s plenty of room for his human to join him if he wants, but his big body is covering over half of the blankets. Titus jumps around as if to say, “Look at all this extra room. I’m just a little dog.”

But he’s not very convincing.

7. Just Us Small Dogs Here

Buddy the Yorkie isn’t too sure about the Great Dane stalking around trying to play. But she’ll at least try a game of tug-of-war.

The Great Dane doesn’t seem to realize that she’s not even close to the same size as Buddy. When she tugs the toy, Buddy is practically swept off her paws.

It’s game over for the little pup. It’s just not as fun when you can’t win.

Do you have a Great Dane who doesn’t know their own size? Do they love to snuggle up on top of you? Let us know in the comments below!