Poodle Siblings Rescued From Los Angeles Sewer [VIDEO]


(Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

Two Poodles, were just barely existing, in a sewer under Interstate 5 in Los Angeles. They seemed frightened of the world and with no trust of humans. Classic signs of being abandoned, neglected, and possibly abused. Luckily for these pups someone called Hope For Paws.

Volunteers came and made their way to where the dogs were hiding. They had to crawl through Los Angeles sewer tunnels, it was not an easy place to get to. Scared by the sounds of the new human intruders, the dogs hid. The pups were cornered and extremely frightened of humans, in the video you can hear sounds like one them is crying. That’s when the brother dog covers and protects his sister.

The rescuers got leashes on the dogs but the tunnels were so narrow that they had to spend time bonding with the dogs before exiting. They knew they’d be in tight spaces and didn’t want one of the dogs to freak out and bite someone or injure themselves. A short while later, the dogs realized they were in good hands and look happy as they trot out of the sewer, leaving their old world behind.

The brother and sister were named Pepsi and Cola. Then got complete makeovers. They were so happy after washing the dirt off that they could not stop jumping and dancing around. They were just barely existing under the freeway, living in filth, living in fear. It is apparent to anyone that they are now, two very happy, little, fluffy, white poodles in search of a home to call their own.

poodles-rescued-los-angeles-swewer-after(Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

Hope For Paws is a non profit organization, that relies on donations and rescues lost and injured animals all over the Los Angeles area and sometimes beyond. Check out their Facebook page for more amazing stories, photos and videos.

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