Dog Adoption

Adopt A Pet Dog Or Puppy: What You Need To Know

It’s very exciting to adopt a new dog or puppy into your life and home. But before you rush into this life changing decision, you should ask yourself a few questions. Here’s your guide to adopting a great pet dog or puppy.

by DogTime
December 27th

Holiday Puppies: A Nightmare After Christmas?

Parents envision cute, stubby-legged, holiday puppies under the tree and a Christmas morning their kids won’t ever forget. Fast-forward two or three months, and they have chewed up shoes and splotchy carpets, edged by deep regret.

by DogTime
November 28th

What You’re Getting Into When You Get A Dog

Liking dogs and liking having a dog are two very different things. The sad truth is that millions of pets are surrendered to shelters around the country every year; the good news is that your future family member need not be one of them.

by DogTime
July 18th, 2018

New Dog? No Worries!

You wonder if you did the right thing getting a dog–particularly this dog? Troubleshooting advice for new dog owners.

by DogTime
March 27th, 2018
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