A lesson in breed bias

I’m a little embarrassed. Usually I gravitate toward the larger dogs or the bully breeds. Not that I in any way mind the Bichons, Pugs, and Shih Tzus–I just typically find an easier connection with the Dobermans and the Pit Bulls.

But today, the shelter behavior staff pointed me toward this little ball of fluff, an “owner surrender” who was having a tough time adjusting to life in a kennel.

Secret weapon: those big brown eyes

Introductions were slow, but after a bit of trial and error, I discovered he likes peanut butter treats. He devoured the few I tossed his way and eventually became brave enough to eat out of my hand. A few moments later, he accepted scratches behind the ears, and a few moments after that, he tentatively placed his paw on my leg.

Getting braver

And so I admit: I’d become smitten with this timid, uncertain pup who wants so badly to trust. He never got so comfortable that he bounced around like a typical 11-month-old, but considering his progress in 20 minutes, I’m confident that in time he will…

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