Labs, Pit Bulls, and…goats?

With me, sweet and shy tends to win the race. This 11-month-old stray Lab mix is both. She’s too timid to come out of her kennel for a walk, so we hang out inside, where she feels safest. She creeps cautiously toward me, but then cowers a little as I slowly lift my hand to pet her. Once she feels the gentle stroking, however, she moves in closer.

Clearly she’s either been hit, or never been touched at all, and either way, it just breaks your heart. Fortunately she’s become a staff (and volunteer) favorite. She’ll soon be transferred to Availables — and adopted, I suspect, before you can say “second chance”…

Shy and sweet, soon to be adopted

On the road to recovery

Update: the gorgeous Pittie who’d had the skin of her chest ripped off is doing well. Her green stitches have been removed, and she even sports a fresh new t-shirt.

Finally, in case you’re under the impression the animal shelter’s just for dogs and cats, guess again.

Not your average shelter bear

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