Kris and Charlene from Madison, WI


Human: Kris

Canine: Charlene

Location: Madison, WI

Type: Cocker Spaniel

Our Story:

Charlene became my foster dog on Nov 15, 2006. Charlene came into rescue at the age of 6 from a puppy mill. You could see that she had had several litters. She was terrified of people and wouldn’t come out of her crate the first week except to go outside. The second week, she ventured out onto the dog bed next to my other Cocker. On the third week, she wanted to get on the couch with my other dog, but didn’t know how to jump up there, so I had to get some stairs so she could lie up there. She has since taken over the couch.

Charlene was to be adopted at the end of January, 2007, but the lady decided on another dog at the last minute. After that, I decided that she was going to stay with me forever. Watching her learn new things was like watching a little kid learning how to walk, etc. for the first time.

Charlene is now a trouble maker as other fosters have taught her how to pull kleenex out of the box and unroll the toilet paper. She is still shy around people she doesn’t know, but loves every dog she meets.