Barbara and Cheetos from Tylertown, Mississippi


Human: Barbara

Canine: Cheetos

Location: Tylertown, Mississippi

Type: Boston Terrier / Rat Terrier mix

Our Story:

I was volunteering at the Best Friends shelter in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. I was in charge of an area called Toyland where the small breed dogs were housed. A rescuer brought a little dog in from New Orleans. It had been 6 weeks since the hurricane and she’d been living under a house.

She was SO scared and wouldn’t eat. I got her to eventually start eating dog food by first sharing my bag of Cheetos with her. That afternoon I went into her kennel and sat on the ground. She was trembling and cowering, not sure of who I was. After gentle coaxing, she warily crawled into my lap. Her body was rigid with uncertainty. As I slowly wrapped my arms around this precious little survivor, she looked up at me, and then as if she knew that she was safe and it was ok to let her guard down, she layed her little head on my chest, over my heart, and her whole body went limp and relaxed.

I was so honored that she’d found trust in a human again and it was Me. I was completely in love with her from that moment on. I brought her home to foster and eventually we adopted her as our own. She’s been my li’l Cheeto-Weeto ever since!