Mandy and Kalani from Clovis NM


Human: Mandy

Canine: Kalani

Location: Clovis NM

Type: Labrador Retriever / Australian Cattle Dog mix

Our Story:

Kalani was abandoned by her owners when they moved and left her chained up in the backyard. From there she was bounced from adoptive home to foster home back and forth beginning to form the impression that no one wants her. I decided to foster her November 2009. After having her for a few days, she bonded with me and my other 2 dogs. We became extremely close. We had 2 people inquire about her but neither one seemed like a good fit. One night I got in bed and looked down at the foot of the bed and she had her head resting on the stomach of my Basenji mix. I then decided that she had found her forever home with me. I officially adopted her the next day.