Isabelle and Mootsie from Northeast Animal Shelter


Human: Isabelle

Canine: Mootsie

Location: Northeast Animal Shelter

Type: English Springer Spaniel / Border Collie mix

Our Story:

My friends and I had been dropping off donations at the animal shelter all summer long. My family and I had been talking about getting another dog, but we had some pretty specific criteria. The dog had to be female, under 30 pounds, and old enough to be able to home alone from 8 am to 1:55 pm.

We saw the little black and white dog in her pen and fell immediately in love. Her original name was Mia, but since she had only been at the shelter for a few weeks and was a stray in Puerto Rico, we could change her name. We took her out to play with, and brought her home that day. We’ve had her for about 4 months and I’ve enjoyed every minute.