Emie and Billy from San Diego, CA


Human: Emie

Canine: Billy

Location: San Diego, CA

Type: Pointer / Mutt mix

Our Story:

My husband and I had been looking forward to getting a dog for years, but we were renting an apartment and we wanted to wait until we were a little more stable. When we put an offer in on a house with a large fenced backyard, instead of looking for furniture…I started looking for dogs.

After we moved in we traveled to all of the animal rescues and humane societies in the area looking for the perfect black Lab. One Thursday, after about a month of looking, we went to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. I had seen on the internet that they had 2 litters of black labs.

When we got there we interacted with all of the black lab puppies and I couldn’t believe it but I didn’t feel a special connection with any of them! Feeling devastated I went to wait in the lobby while my husband went in for one last loop around the kennels.

I was in the lobby for what seemed like a very long time. When my husband finally came back he had a big smile on his face and he told me “I found him.”

I walked back to the kennels and saw the cutest little liver and white mixed puppy that I had ever seen. We went in for our interaction. My husband bent down and said, “Do you want to come home with us?” Right away Billy jumped into his arms. For the next few minutes Billy was very attentive to us and was acting like he was selling himself. We were in love and have been ever since.