Rene and Pancho Villa from Santa Ana CA


Human: Rene

Canine: Pancho Villa

Location: Santa Ana CA

Type: Chihuahua / Miniature Pinscher mix

Our Story:

My lil Kiapet (the black & white in the pic) and I are at our office and hear some little yappy dog, so we head outside to see what’s going on. This lil tan chi mix is barking mad, so we go back inside a bit later he’s back. Well, we end up grabbing him and now his name is Pancho Villa ( and he’s training to race the petco Chihuahua races. He gets to carry Kiapet stuff and Pancho even has his own business card too. We’re putting on a huge dog surf contest named in So Cal to benefit the OCSPCA as we love to support pets! Look for lil Pancho on the news as he shot pics with Kiapet for Getty Images, and been on the new abc7 too ! We love our lil guy.. and now Pancho has a new brother we pulled out of the pound, named Hector (he’s the tan dog). Now we have 3 fun pals!