Fur Laughs: Watch These 9 Funny Dogs Stay Cool For ‘National Beat The Heat Month’ In July [VIDEOS]

Tan Dog sitting in front of a pool with a beautiful scene with clouds and water in the background. The dog looks happy with his tongue sticking out and his paw on the bottom of the shallow pool.

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Summer has officially started, and the dog days will be here again before you know it. July is National Beat The Heat Month — a reminder to us all to keep our pups cool on these hot summer days.

It’s heating up outside, and a pup’s gotta stay frosty any way they can. Some dogs get pretty creative when they’re trying to chill out.

Here are a few pups who won’t let anything stop them from staying cool while being cool.

1. Make It An Indoor Pool

Gus the Bulldog has had enough of the hot sun, so he’s ready to take his outdoor pool inside.

His dog buddy runs around as if to say, “I don’t think this is going to work,” but Gus isn’t about to give up. He tugs the plastic pool to the back door, and eventually figures out that he has to turn it sideways, but he spills all the water in the process.

Mission sort of accomplished.

You can get your own doggy pool here!

2. Eat All The Ice Cream

You may wonder why Daisy gets to eat her ice cream first. She daintily takes a few licks, savoring every bite.

Cooper, on the other hand, throws caution to the wind and inhales the chill treat in one chomp. He’s not worried about brain freeze at all as he wolfs it down.

That’s, of course, why Daisy goes first. We’re glad Daisy got her taste before Cooper devoured the whole dessert.

3. Work With What You’ve Got

The bucket-sized pool is a little small for the Golden Retriever in the video, but that doesn’t stop him from getting comfortable.

The pup squishes himself into the tiny tub like a cat getting into a tissue box, and he gets some much needed relief from the hot weather.

If his buddy, who looks like a Deerhound, got in with him, we’d be really impressed.

4. Get In A Pool In A Pool

Sometimes you want to cool off, but you don’t want to leave your teddy bear behind. This pup found the solution by putting a pool in the pool to keep teddy nice and dry while still going for a relaxing float.

Then teddy acts as a comfy little pillow while the pup can drift away while drifting to sleep.

You can get your dog a float to relax on here!

5. Take An Ice Bath

Siberian Huskies love the cold; they were made for it, and these summer months can get pretty rough. So when this Husky pup sees all that ice, he loses his mind.

He can barely contain his excitement as he has the time of his life, digging and splashing around in his ice bath. He is happy to let his owner bury him in ice cubes while he eats a few.

If we were that excited about ice, maybe we’d like winter a little more.

6. Belly Flop

This Corgi may not be as graceful as his black Lab buddy, but Cooper isn’t about to let him have all the fun.

The stubby pooch is ready to go with his life jacket on. He makes a swan dive attempt, but gravity is no friend of the Corgi breed.

He flops into the water in an adorably clumsy way, but at least he’s staying cool.

You can get a life jacket for your dog here!

7. Attack An Ice Cube

This German Shepherd puppy has never encountered an ice cube before, and he’s a little skeptical about it. He’s not sure what to make of this cold, slippery, watery thing.

He bats it around, nips it, and seems to warm up to the cold cube before finally picking it up and taking it away, probably for his iced tea or something.

8. Grab A Cold Treat From The Fridge

Sam wants a cold treat, and luckily he knows just how to get one.

Not only does he open the fridge, but he pushes up a chair to get to the top shelf, then gently nudges the bag open to get at a nice cold one.

He’s one resourceful pup, and we’re guessing he put the bag back and closed up the fridge afterwards because he’s that smart.

9. Ride The Water Slide

Milo loves the water slide even more than the human kids do. And for that reason, he doesn’t have to wait his turn to go down again.

The pooch slides past the kids and climbs back to the top for another splashdown, disregarding all water slide etiquette. He’s having too much fun to be slowed down by the rules.

Notice I didn’t make one “hot dog” joke this whole article.

How does your dog like to beat the heat? Do they have any creative ways to stay cool? Let us know in the comments below!

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