Fur Laughs: 7 Times Dogs Didn’t Care About All Your Hard Work [VIDEOS]

Quilty Great Dane

(Picture Credit: ChristopherBernard/Getty Images)

Trying to get stuff done with a dog around can be challenging, especially when they don’t give a hoot about all the hard work you’re doing.

Sometimes our pups just want to play, and it doesn’t matter if we’ve spent a lot of time on a big project. They’ll come crashing through it all with pure love and excitement. Dogs live in the moment, and they remind us to do the same. That’s one of the things we love so much about our pups.

Here are seven times dogs didn’t care about all your hard work.

1. Butterfly Bites

The family in this video spent weeks watching and caring for caterpillars as they became butterflies, and eventually it was time to release them into the wild and say goodbye.

Most of the critters were freed with no problem, but one unlucky bug looked pretty yummy to the family dog, and he chomped it.

Luckily, the kids don’t seem too crushed by their pup’s prey drive.

2. Proposal Mishap

Let’s say you’re about to propose to your significant other. You take them on a romantic hike in the woods, then set up a camera to capture the life-changing moment so you can re-live it forever.

Everything is perfect and according to plan. You get on one knee, pop the question, then boom!

Your happy pup knocks over the camera. I’d say that the video is much more enjoyable now, to be honest.

3. They All Fall Down

This one is short and sweet, and it might be the first time this boy has experienced the destruction of hard work that comes with living with dogs.

The boy carefully set up dominoes and is ready to feel the satisfaction of knocking them down, but his doggy companion steals the glory with a touch of the nose.

The expression on the kid’s face at the end says everything you need to know.

4. Yoga Goes To The Dogs

Anyone who has done yoga knows that it can be a workout. It takes patience and a calm environment, but sometimes there’s no such thing as a calm environment when you have dogs.

The pups in this video are too excited to let their owners relax. Why meditate when you can play all day?

5. Pawprints In The Sand

Someone made a lovely sand castle, but Crusoe the Dachshund isn’t about to let that stand. He puts his Doxie digging instincts to good use and tears it apart.

Something tells me no one was upset about Crusoe’s fun in the sand, and this whole thing may have been a setup. But if you’ve never had a sand castle torn down by a pooch, you’ve probably never built one while your dog is at the beach.

6. The Snowman’s Nose

Someone built a little snowman, complete with a cute face and a carrot nose. One playful pup was a little bit confused by her human’s work of snow art, so she did the only logical thing and stole the nose right from its face.

What’s a snowman without a nose?

7. Egg Drop Chomp

Many of us have done the egg drop challenge as part of a school project about physics, and the young lady in this video has made quite the contraption.

Did the egg survive the fall? Maybe, but it didn’t survive the family dog, Dutch.

The pup picked up the egg and chomped it, unleashing yolk all over the floor. At least the dog got a snack out of this mess.

Has a pup ever destroyed your hard work? Do they always seem to make a mess of your big projects? Let us know in the comments below!