Participate in a study to help your dog

The study hopes to reveal positive and negative aspects of human interactions with canines.

By answering 100 questions, you can help save the lives of dogs. Dr. Nicholas Dodmanof the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and James Serpell, the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania are asking dog parents to participate in their study that will shed light on the positive and negative aspects of our interactions with our dogs.

If you live with dogs, Dodman and Serpell want you to participate in their study, which examines how a dog parent’s personality and psychological status affects a pet’s behavior. The Animal Ownership Interaction Study is being done at The Simon Foundation’s Center for Canine Behavior Studies. The study will initially run for two years, and will focus on our relationship with our dogs.

Dodman and Serpell also believe the study will help predict which pet parent’s personality types are most compatible with a particular dog that they plan to adopt, thereby helping ensure a harmonious pairing, pet parent satisfaction, and the adopted dog will have a home for life.

From the results of this study, Dodman and Serpell expect to be able to help us understand the influence we have on our dogs’ behavior and to be able to modify our interactions with our dogs in a positive way.

Participating in the study requires a few minutes of your time, and is purely voluntary and anonymous. Registration for the study is now open.

Source: The Simon Foundation’s Center for Canine Behavior Studies