Woman reunites with stolen dog after three years

A Terrier mix named Maggie is back home with her owner again after the dog disappeared three years ago. “I really did not think I’d get to see her again,” says owner Mary Roberts.

Roberts explains that she did not get Maggie microchipped before the little dog disappeared, and she thought that her oversight would make it near impossible to locate Maggie. When Maggie turned up missing, Roberts says she believed right away that her dog had been stolen.

“I spent many nights crying when she was taken,” Roberts says of the Terrier mix.

When days turned into months and months turned into years with no word of her dog’s whereabouts, Roberts says she had nearly given up hope.

That’s when Roberts received the phone call that would eventually reunite her with her beloved Maggie.

Fort Worth police investigators initially contacted Roberts to get information about one of her former acquaintances, Dale Morgan, a semi truck driver who had been evading authorities since crashing his truck, killing another motorist.

Roberts told police that she hadn’t had contact with Morgan in three years. When the investigator mentioned that Morgan’s truck was found with a female Terrier mix inside, Roberts put the pieces of the puzzle together.

It was former friend Dale Morgan who had allegedly taken Maggie three years ago.

“We had befriended this person, hung with him for awhile,” Roberts says of Morgan. “Then, one day, he just took off, took the dog!”

Roberts told the authorities that she would be there as soon as possible to reclaim her best friend. In all, Roberts drove over 1,000 miles from her home in Arizona to the town of Flower Mound, Texas last week for the reunion she had been waiting for since 2009.

Roberts says she was initially worried that Maggie would not recognize her after all these years, but when the Terrier mix caught sight of Roberts, Maggie wagged her tail and barked happily.

“She was so excited!” Roberts explains. “I didn’t think she would remember me after that length of time, I really didn’t.”

Before riding off into the sunset and back to their home in Arizona, Roberts and Maggie had one more thing to take care of. A small Pug had been found alongside Maggie in Morgan’s wrecked semi. Believing that it was fate, Roberts decided to bring the Pug home, too. Alleged dognapper Dale Morgan faces multiple charges and is currently in jail awaiting trial.