Two puppies found in recycling dumpster

Two puppies were discovered in a recycling dumpster behind a school in Hancock County, Ind., last Monday. Had the animals not been found, they would have faced certain death.

The pups were found in this dumpster behind Mount Comfort Elementary School in Indiana (Photo: WRTV)

Two miniature Poodles were found inside the dumpster behind Mount Comfort Elementary School when two cafeteria workers made a routine trip to the unit to throw out some milk crates. They discovered the pups perched on a mound of refuse. The dumpster is also for public use.

“They wouldn’t jump out or anything and we were wondering why are those dogs just sitting in there?” Debbie Snow, a cafeteria worker said. “Are they going to jump out?” School personnel claim that there is no way the dogs could have jumped into the dumpster by accident. Both dogs were scared and undernourished.

According to Candy Adkins, a teacher at the school, the dumpster is emptied on early Tuesday morning. The puppies would have surely been killed, as the unit is flipped completely upside-down while its contents are transferred to the recycling truck.

“It is pretty sad to think that someone would do that,” Adkins said. “There are so many alternatives to get rid of unwanted pets.”

School surveillance cameras show nothing out of the ordinary. No one claimed the puppies and they were not microchipped. Even running an ad in the paper yielded no response.

School staff took turns keeping and caring for the pups until they were adopted by a parent of two girls who attend Mount Comfort.

“We have two daughters and they wanted their own puppy,” Johnny McFarland, who adopted the puppies, said. “I don’t like seeing animals caged up or not having the freedom that they can enjoy, and the attention that they need, but they’ll get plenty of attention here.”

McFarland’s daughters named the puppies Milo and Fruit Loop.

April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month.