Shelter Fakes Pit Bull’s Death To Rescue Her From Abusive Owner


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Snarr – Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation)

When a Pit Bull came to a shelter in Egypt, she was in rough shape. Her owner had abused her so badly that her jaw was broken in two places. Shelter workers knew they could never give the dog back to her owner. The only problem was that the dog’s owner was the landlord for the shelter, and angering him put all the other animals at risk. So they came up with a plan to save the dog by faking her death.

Shelter workers contacted Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR), their sister shelter in the United States, and arranged for a volunteer traveler to take the dog overseas. Then, they waited until the dog’s owner left the property for the day and shipped the dog out. The shelter simply told the owner that the dog had died. He didn’t ask any questions.

SNARR took Lucy in and got her treatment for the jaw and multiple infections. At first, they had to make her food into a soup so she could eat. But with time and love she made a full recovery and went to live with a foster family, and since then has found a forever home! From faking her death to finding a new life with a loving family, this pup has had quite a story that, luckily, has a happily ever after ending.

Would you take in a dog like Lucy? How far would you go to rescue a dog from an abusive owner? Let us know in the comments below!

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