Ten Signs a Bed & Breakfast has TLC (True Love for Canines)

Bed & breakfasts: even better with Fido.

By Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly magazine

The April 2011 issue of FIDO Friendly magazine explores The Top 10 Bed and Breakfasts for the most memorable heart-to-barks. Here are some signs a Bed and Breakfast is more than pet accepting, but is truly pet welcoming.

10. “More than a patch”: Ample grounds upon which to walk with Fido is always a bonus, especially at midnight when nature calls and the dog answers.

9. “Waiter, I’ll have the sparkling water”: Well-behaved dogs who are welcome to dine al fresco with their human family members gets four paws up from team FIDO Friendly. One such example is the MacCallum House in Mendocino, California.

8. “Talk about a doggie bag”: A menu of food items dedicated to dogs makes guardians feel the extra pampering is there for Fido, too. Homemade biscuits for dessert are a delectable finishing touch.

7. “Are we there yet?”: A printout upon check-in of surrounding Fido-friendly attractions, shops, dog parks and things to do with dogs is always appreciated and welcomed.

6. “Teacher’s Pet”: A chalkboard or sign in the lobby personally welcoming any canine guests arriving that day scores major tummy rubs. When the staff remembers the dog’s name and says hello, our leg twitches, too.

5. “Turn it Down”: And we don’t mean the in-room television. More and more B&B’s are offering free turndown service and a late night snack (biscuit) for Fido. Having personally experienced this, major wags to those offering the service.

4. “Rut Roh, Raggy”: B&B’s that provide towels to canine guests specifically for wet paws and sheets in the event Fido is allowed on furniture are forward thinkers. Preventing wet and/or muddy paws from tracking the carpeting is a win-win for everyone.

3. “Bowl Me Over”: Many properties offer Fido the use of size-specific in-room bowls during his or her stay. In case you forget to pack yours or just need an extra, this added amenity is a thoughtful gesture.

2. “Can Rover Sleep Over?” Offering canine guests the use of in-room pet bedding is a fun feature many B&B’s add to their amenity package. Knowing if Fido is a tiny terrier or a slumber clumber prior to arrival means the right sized bed will be available.

1. “Leave No Dog Behind®”: Receiving a copy of the latest FIDO Friendly magazine upon check-in tells guests that Fido is not only allowed but welcomed and a part of the family. Wag-tastic!

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