Fido goes Hawaiian

By Susan Sims of Fido Friendly magazine

Fido can go Hawaiian in as little time as it takes to tell him “Noho” (sit), and he’ll be napping when directed to “Moe Moe” (go to sleep).

Even if your precious pooch does not master the Hawaiian language, you can rest assured that he will not have any trouble adapting to the dog lifestyle at the Kahala Resort.

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Kahala Hotel & Resort is renowned throughout the islands for the sheer opulence of its rooms and suites, the innovation of its restaurants and its Pampered Paws Program. The Kahala Hotel & Resort understands the importance of pets as part of the family and strives to make the travel experience for both pet and human as enjoyable as possible.

When guests check in to the hotel, their dog will receive the royal treatment, such as:

  • A warm welcome, by name, from the doorman
  • A personal escort to the room
  • A customized pet welcome amenity placed in the guest room upon arrival, including: homemade peanut butter dog biscuits (specially made by Executive Chef Wayne Hirabayashi) with Fido’s name on each cookie for a personalized touch; a custom-made dog bowl with the hotel’s name and logo in the Kahala blue and gold colors; a custom-designed dog bed made of blue and gold fabric for use during your stay; a card with dog commands and phrases in the Hawaiian language.

The entire family will love learning the Hawaiian commands, providing a truly Hawaiian experience for everyone.

Article provided by Fido Friendly magazine.