Paralyzed dog gets second chance at L.A. rescue

A picture of Thor that went viral (left) resulted in his rescue by the Los-Angeles-based Mutt Scouts; the dog gets water therapy at Two Hands Four Paws (right).

Just a month ago, BoxerBulldog mix Thor was found wandering down a street in Mexico, malnourished, abused, and covered in sores. Paralyzed from the legs down, all the animal could do was drag himself to the woman who would rescue him that fateful day. She posted a photo of Thor on social media, pleading for help on his behalf.

What a difference 30 days make.

Over the past month, Thor has found love, care, and hope with the Los Angeles animal rescue Mutt Scouts, whose personnel did not hesitate to take Thor in and help the poor pup recover.

“There was not even a nanosecond,” JF Pryor of MS tells “We were like, ‘that’s a Mutt Scout, that’s one of our kids. Let’s get him.’”

When he arrived in L.A., Thor was incredibly sick and starving. Whether he would even survive only time would tell.

“He was literally covered in hundreds of ticks, so by the time he got here, the kid was not doing very well at all,” Pryor remembers.

But Thor has the same fighting spirit as the Marvel Comics superhero for whom he was named, and his zest for life carries him through even his most challenging days of rehabilitation. Since his arrival at MS, Thor has put on weight and is now looking a lot closer to the healthy dog he was always meant to be.

The staff at Two Hands Four Paws, an award-winning canine physical rehabilitation center in L.A., has been helping Thor build the muscles in his hind legs. During his visits to their facility, Thor spends time walking on a water treadmill. While he hasn’t yet regained mobility in those back legs, his rescuers remain hopeful.

In the meantime, Thor wears protective booties to protect his back paws and has even been fitted for a brand new wheelchair, which was recently purchased thanks to Thor’s many fans on Facebook.

“He has been so in love with his Thor-Mobile since his first day with us,” the rescue’s website reads. “The gift of Mobility.”

While Thor’s caretakers are teaching the lovable mutt how to trust humans again, the Scouts claim Thor has taught them so much more.

“We’ve learned more about humility and tenacity and kindness and the joy of the moment from this kid,” Pryor says of the pooch.

For more on Thor, or to keep up on his future progress, follow the Mutt Scouts on Facebook. If you would like to help the organization care for Thor or any of their other rescued dogs, visit the Mutt Scouts website for more information on how to make a donation.