DogTime’s top 10 dog news stories in 2014

Which events in 2014 attracted the most readers? Here are the top 10 news stories about dogs that appeared on, in ascending order of most views. (Note:This is not a list of our favorite news stories.)

10. Adorable rescue cow believes she is a dog

(Photo Credit: Caters News Agency)

A cow who was rescued from an animal hoarder never knew what open fields, green grass, and freedom were until she arrived at The Grace Foundation’s 600-acre state-of-the-art facility. Quickly falling in with a pack of 10 dogs, Milkshake loves to run and play — and she even tried to jump in the back seat of a car (just like her canine pals).

9. CEO who abused dog in elevator resigns

(Photo Credit: Global News)

Desmond Hague was head of Centerplate — a company that provided concessions to some of the biggest venues and events in the country. But when a shocking video emerged of the CEO mistreating a Doberman Pinscher puppy in an elevator in Canada, Hague was forced to resign after calls to boycott Centerplate’s services — by sports fans and animal lovers alike — and mass signings of various online petitions. Hague’s personal apologies, Centerplate’s punitive measures, and establishing a foundation to promote animal safety, did little to quell the outrage.

8. Family dog spared euthanasia, kept for secret transfusions

(Photo Credit: MCT/Landov)

When Jamie and Marian Harris took their beloved Sid to veterinarian Dr. Lou Tierce, they were told their beloved Leonberger suffered from a birth defect and the animal should be put down. They took Tierce’s advice and bid teary farewells. Turns out Sid was never euthanized — he was kept alive at the vet facility and a subsequent raid revealed the dog wasn’t alone. A practicing vet for 48 years, Tierce had his license suspended for 4 years, and the Harris family is suing him for $1 million.

7. Dog passes out with joy during happy reunion with owner

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

One of the biggest viral videos of the year, watching a Casey, 9-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, reunited with her owner after the human spent two years overseas, is priceless.

6. Man caught on video ditching dog at shelter

(Photo Credit: Colorado Lost & Found Pets)

Dog ownership requires a lot of responsibility, time, and sacrifice. Despite the best of intentions, some people adopt, realize they aren’t up for the challenge, and surrender the animal. But return protocol was completely lost on Daniel Sohn, who walked into a Colorado shelter with his dog, refused to fill-out the required paperwork, and then abruptly left — with surveillance cameras capturing heartbreaking images of Sohn’s German Shepherd mix Bronson chasing his owner’s speeding vehicle…but what happened next was worse.

5. Dog missing before Superstorm Sandy reunites with family

(Photo Credit: West Windsor Police Department)

Natural disasters don’t only destroy property, they shatter families, too — as was the case of the Cruz family in New Jersey. They lost their 4-year-old Labrador Retriever, Wesley, when the dog ran away from home moments before Superstorm Sandy struck. After missing for 17 months, the Cruzes began to lose hope; on April 1st, however, they got some surprising news (and it wasn’t a joke).

4. Senior Doxie found outside shelter with heartbreaking note

A cash-strapped elderly couple decided to leave their ailing 13-year-old Dachshund with a local shelter so the animal could get the necessary medical care. But the topper was a heart-breaking handwritten note — scrawled on a piece of notebook paper — that requested the animal be put down. Turns out the dog’s condition wasn’t so dire, and the pooch was eventually reunited with his owners.

3. Disabled Border Collie gets wheelchair with skis

(Photo Credit: Dan Lassiter/AP/The Janesville Gazette)

Kadee Mae returned to her Wisconsin home one day dragging the back half of her body, suffering from a damaged spine. Unable to use her rear legs, the Border Collie’s owner purchased a special doggie wheelchair. The device was great on solid surfaces, but snow? Thanks to volunteers from Friends of Jonah rescue, skis were created that fastened to the carriage’s wheels, allowing the dog needed mobility during the winter months.

2. Researchers may have stumbled upon cure for parvovirus

(Photo Credit: KC Pet Project)

Canine parvovirus is a disease that can be easily spread among dogs and can quickly turn fatal. It’s understandable, then, that word of a potential cure would attract a lot of attention — especially when cases were on the rise in parts of the country during the spring of 2014. Avinax, a company that was formed to combat mass geese deaths unrelated to parvo, created a compound that has a 90 percent cure rate among test canines with the deadly disease.

1. Latest canine trend in China: “Panda Dogs”

(Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

The latest grooming trend in China took the southwest Sichuan Province by storm: Chow Chow’s (or similar dogs) with their fur colored and shaped to give the appearance of a panda bear. The pricey procedure takes two hours, and the effect lasts for an average of six weeks before touch-up work is required. According to one pet shop owner, “there are no chemicals or cruelty involved.”

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