What happened to the dogs when Schindler Farms puppy mill was closed down?

I was still basking in the glory of the Prop B victory when I read the most recent blog post from Doggies and Stuff writer, Doreen Disbro. Doreen was part of a coordinated effort — by rescue groups nation wide — to save hundreds of dogs displaced by the recent closing of the Schindler Farms puppy mill.

Their goal of the effort was to purchase as many of the 800 dogs as possible at the Schindler Farm auction, thereby saving the animals from being sold to other area breeders at bargain prices. While the vast majority of dog lovers and animal welfare advocates applauded these actions, a few individuals chastised Doreen and the other rescuers for putting money into the hands of puppy millers.

That’s a grave misinterpretation. Schindler Farms was shut down, so the money paid to the former owners was not going to facilitate further puppy milling. It was strictly about keeping these dogs out of the hands of those who would continue to exploit, mistreat, and profit from them.

As Doreen says:

“I would like to make very clear that I DO NOT condone giving money to puppy mills. I DO NOT support going to dog auctions that take place on a weekly basis to purchase dogs from the hands of these horrible puppy mills. The rescue effort that took place last weekend in Mexico, MO was an exception to the rule, a one-time effort, at least for our group. Putting money in the hands of these breeders is wrong. If you purchase these dogs at auctions, it only gives them more money to do their horrible work and the cycle will just continue. The puppy mills will have rescues where they want them and then they win.”

You can read more of Doreen’s thoughts:

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So where are the rescued dogs now? Being groomed, socialized, walked, and loved as they wait in foster care or private shelters for adoption.