Dogtime Review: Fussy Dogs Clear Their Bowls With Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone Broth

two pups ready to try castor & pollux bone broth

(Picture Credit: Julia)

When I was asked if my dogs would like to try the Pristine line of Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone Broth, I jumped at the chance for two reasons.

The first is that I already buy bone broth for myself because of all the awesome health benefits it gives. The second reason is that I love organic, grass-fed, and free-range anything!

My dogs were also quite excited to give it a taste test. It can be used alone or as a meal topper, and my pups were ready to try it all.

I’m sure that many of you are already aware of the benefits in bone broth for humans, but did you know that it can also benefit your pup, as well? Let’s run down that list of benefits before my pups give you their review of Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone Broth.

The Many Benefits Of Grass-Fed, Free-Range Bone Broth

pup ready to try some bone broth

(Picture Credit: Julia)

Bone broth is a paw-some addition to your dogs diet. I have two dogs. A senior dog with arthritic issues and a younger dog, who I’m trying to keep as healthy as paw-sible. Have you had enough paw puns?

Bone broth is protein rich and chock-full of vitamins and minerals. What’s not to love? Here are some of the many benefits of bone broth for your dog:

  • Helps digestion
  • Supports joints
  • Beneficial for dogs with food allergies
  • Supports the immune system

In case you are wondering what the benefits of grass-fed and free-range are, they’re better for you and better for the animal. It means that the animals are not kept in cages and fed grain and corn. They get to roam and eat grass and foods that they would eat in the wild.

When available, I always opt for grass-fed and free-range products–milk, eggs, steak, and bone broth!

How Did My Dogs Love Castor & Pollux Bone Broth? Let Me Count The Ways!

My pup, Sara, asked that I make a video recording of her review, so check it out above. (OMG–that sound, never gets old for me!)

Sara was rescued from a garage, where food was thrown on the ground. You’d think she would just be appreciative to have food served in a bowl. However, she’s become a fussy, pampered princess. And as you can see, Sara absolutely loved the bone broth just on its own!

As I mentioned, there are lots of ways dogs can enjoy Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone Broth. Pups can have it straight from the container, like Sara did in the video, or you can add it to your dog’s regular food.

I’m always trying to supplement my dogs’ diets with actual food and vegetables that I know are good for them. When I added the bone broth over their meals, the raw vegetables were no longer left on the bottoms of their bowls. They seemed to want to lick up every morsel that the bone broth touched.

Also, when I did give my dogs kibble, this was a great addition. For George, my older dog with teeth issues, the bone broth softened his kibble when I left it in for a little while before serving. That made the food a bit easier for George to eat, and he loved it, too!

Overall, Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone Broth wasn’t just a snack my pups enjoyed, it also made them more excited to eat their regular meals–even the healthy veggies they normally only pick at!

Would I Purchase Castor & Pollux Bone Broth For My Pups?

pooch waiting for castor & pollux bone broth

(Picture Credit: Julia)

My dogs loved Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone Broth and I would definitely buy this in the future for them. It makes their meals enjoyable and keeps them eating up every last vegetable–not to mention, it provides all those health benefits!

You can find Castor & Pollux Grass-Fed Bone broth in many pet stores near you, or you can order it online through Click the link below!

Order Pristine Castor & Pollux Grass Fed Bone Broth

Has your dog tried this bone broth yet? What did they think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

The writer of this review received no financial compensation from the manufacturer for any opinions expressed in this article.

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