DogTime Review: Do Old Mother Hubbard Soft & Tasty Treats Appeal To Picky Pooches?

dog stands next to old mother hubbard treats

(Picture Credit: Julia)

Do you have a dog with teeth issues? I do.

One of my dogs, George, is 15 years old and has had about eight teeth extracted. What he has left isn’t much, but I want him to enjoy his senior years. So you better believe that I enjoy spoiling him with extra love, walks, food, and treats!

I make a point of getting the smallest dog food available and chopping it up extra fine so he can easily eat it. I spoil my dogs equally, so anytime George gets something, Sara does too.

So when I got the opportunity to review Old Mother Hubbard Soft & Tasty Treats, I knew both of my pups were going to give me their honest opinions. Here’s what they thought.

George And Sara Get A Taste Of Old Mother Hubbard’s Treats

dogs wait for old mother hubbard treats

(Picture Credit: Julia)

The moment of judgment arrived as I opened my bag of Old Mother Hubbard Soft & Tasty Treats. Both dogs could immediately smell the contents and must have known that it was for them, because they were both at attention, in treat mode, ready to be given a command.

George was able to chew his treat with ease. I was happy that, as a senior with some missing teeth, he had no trouble gobbling down his tasty snack.

Sara ate it in her preferred style–with as little chewing as possible.

In short, both dogs loved them and were not happy when I capped their treat limit at three.

Old Mother Hubbard treats

(Picture Credit: Julia)

You may be thinking , “Hey, those are treats! Of course your pups would love them.” However, surprisingly, both dogs are very particular. I’ve seen George sniff a piece of turkey and keep on walking.

Sara was rescued from a garage where she had to fight her siblings just to get a few kibbles that were thrown on the ground. You would think that she would just appreciate getting food in a bowl.

NOT the case. In the last three years of living the good life, her palate has developed, and there are some foods that this dog will not eat. Strawberries, carrot caps, some celery shapes, certain dog treats, just to name a few.

And despite generally being picky eaters, both dogs happily devoured their Old Mother Hubbard Soft & Tasty Treats, and they wanted more!

Does Old Mother Hubbard Deliver The Goods For Pooches?

george eats an old mother hubbard treat

(Picture Credit: Julia)

It’s tough to find treats that both of my dogs like and can eat, I’m happy to add these to my list of approved dog treats.

I would recommend Old Mother Hubbard Soft & Tasty Treats and would definitely buy them.

They are also available in grain-free, which I love!

The Old Mother Hubbard brand has been around since 1926, so they must be doing something right. You can visit their website and see the ingredients in each dog treat.

I’d also like to take a moment to emphasize the importance of doggy dental care. I jumped on that bandwagon a little late, and my poor dog had to have several teeth pulled. I learned, as all pet parents should, and I’m now making it a top priority to preserve George’s remaining teeth.

Have you tried Old Mother Hubbard dog treats? How did your dog like them? Was your pup able to eat them with ease? Let us know in the comments below!

The writer of this review received no financial compensation from Old Mother Hubbard for any opinions expressed in this article.

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