DogTime Review: Brutus Bone Broth Is A Tasty, Healthy Addition To Your Dog’s Diet

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My dogs usually aren’t finnicky eaters, but as they both age–one is six, the other I adopted as a senior and is now twelve–I have started to become more conscious about what I’m feeding them. I want them around for a long time, and I know a healthy diet is part of that longevity equation.

When I had the opportunity to try out Brutus Bone Broth, I was excited. I know that bone broth has a lot to offer health-wise for humans, so I assumed the benefits were similar for my pups. I agreed to take it for a test spin and started to research the benefits of the broth.

The Brutus Bone Broth website describes the product as a “nutritional powerhouse for your pet.” It then lists a host of benefits, like how it makes chewing dry food easier for older dogs. As my senior, Genie, had 26 teeth removed before I even got her, this seemed like a godsend.

So how did my pups feel when I added Brutus Bone Broth to their food? Here’s their review!

My Dogs Try Out Brutus Bone Broth


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I put the recommended amount of broth into each of my dogs’ food and waited eagerly. At first, they weren’t sure what to make of it, but as soon as my cat threatened to eat it, they took to it.

I first tried it out cold, as sometimes I need to feed my dogs quickly as I get ready for work in the morning. They didn’t seem too into the cold broth, but when I heated it up for 30 seconds in the microwave and then added it to their food, they were super pumped!

I am happy to report that my biggest fear–that the broth would be too rich and lead to the runs–did not happen for either of my pups. In fact, my oldest seemed to be able to relieve herself with more ease!

In short, my dogs loved Brutus Bone Broth and were happy to gobble it down with their food. They even saw some digestive benefits during our short product tryout.

Should You Get Brutus Bone Broth For Your Dog?

My only beef with Brutus Bone Broth is that it comes in one size. Like most boxed broths, after you open it, you can refrigerate it for seven to ten days.

According to the product site, you should give your dog ¼ cup for every 25 pounds they weigh. My dogs don’t even weigh 25 pounds collectively, so they were getting half a tablespoon, tops, with each meal.

Unfortunately, I had to throw away the half of the container we couldn’t finish before the expiration window. It would be lovely if the product came in smaller sizes for folks with smaller dogs. However, if you have a mid-sized to large dog–or a pack of smaller dogs–I can’t recommend this product enough.

My dogs really enjoyed the broth, and I noticed they seemed disappointed when I stopped mixing it in with their food. If it starts coming in smaller sizes, Brutus Bone Broth will become a staple in my dogs’ diet. I know they’d be thrilled to see it back in their bowls!

You can buy Brutus Bone Broth for your dog here!

Have your dogs tried Brutus Bone Broth? Did they love it as much as my pups? Let me know in the comments below!

The writer of this review received no financial compensation from Brutus Bone Broth for any opinions expressed in this article.

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