DogTime Review: Will A Selective Senior Dog Love Wellness CORE Petite Treats?

Macki sits next to Wellness Core Petite Treats

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Macki, my sweet senior Yorkshire Terrier, is always a little apprehensive about trying new things. So when he got the chance to review Wellness Pet Food’s CORE Petite Treats, I wasn’t exactly expecting him to hop around with excitement.

My pup has grown a little set in his ways, even when it comes to food. On top of that, he has a pretty limited diet. When Macki first came to our family, he already suffered from colitis. His previous owner might have been too generous with the treats.

Since then, we put him on a more strict regimen when it comes to eating, and his colitis cleared up. However, I’m always on the lookout for tummy troubles when he eats something outside of his regular food.

That’s why Macki and I couldn’t have been more pleased with Wellness CORE Petite Treats! He absolutely loves them, and they don’t upset his tummy at all. Here’s how my picky senior pooch reacted.

Macki Tries Wellness CORE Petite Treats

Wellness Pet Food sent over a bag of their Chicken, Cherries, & Spearmint flavored Petite Treats for Macki to try. I figured the best way to go about giving them to him would be to replace his regular treats. That way, he wouldn’t be eating too much, and he’d be able to keep up with his feeding routine.

Usually, Macki gets a treat when he comes inside from his morning potty break or when we have a training session. Training is very important for keeping older dogs mentally sharp, so I try to have him do a few tricks for treats when I can. He’s highly food-motivated.

When Macki came back inside from his morning outing, I had him sit and stay. I opened the new bag of treats and could immediately smell the strong flavor from the bag. I’m sure pups’ mouths water just from the smell.

I handed Macki a Petite Treat, and he reacted exactly as I expected–skeptically. As I mentioned, he’s never one to get excited about trying new things. He gave the treat a sniff, picked it up out of my hand, walked away a little bit, and dropped it on the floor.

He looked at me as if to say, “Hey, I ordered the usual!”

I thought he made up his mind right then. However, he looked back down at the treat, sniffed it a bit, then slowly chewed it. By the time he ate it up, he had totally changed his mind!

He was eager for another treat and ready to perform any trick in his repertoire to get one! He absolutely loved it.

Petite Treats Are Here To Stay

Of course, after Macki tried his first Petite Treat, I wanted to wait and see how his tummy handled it. Once I saw that he had no stomach issues–what a relief!–I knew I could safely have him do a few more tricks for treats.

As you can see in the video above, Macki was all too excited to do “roll over” for another reward.

I replaced Macki’s old treats with Petite Treats, and he seems very happy about that. For an old boy with a weak stomach, I was so pleased that he found a new reward that he could both love and eat without feeling sick. He’s been on these new treats for a couple of weeks, and so far, they’re a big hit!

I also appreciate that they’re nice and small–hence the name Petite Treats. I don’t have to break them apart for training. They’re small enough for our short sessions, and they keep Macki’s attention.

I’d definitely recommend Wellness CORE Petite Treats to any dog owner, but I’m particularly happy to report that they’ll also appeal to older dogs, picky pooches, and canines with tummy troubles. I know how hard it can be to find appropriate treats for those kinds of dogs. Macki gives two paws up!

And if your dog wouldn’t care for the flavor of Petite Treats that Macki tried, they also come in other flavors. Wellness Pet Food has Turkey, Pomegranate, & Ginger treats, as well as Lamb, Apples, & Cinnamon flavor.

You can buy Wellness CORE Petite Treats here!

Has your pooch tried Wellness CORE Petite Treats? Are there any other products DogTime should review? Let us know in the comments below!

The writer of this review received no financial compensation from Wellness Pet Food for any opinions expressed in this article.