Happy National Mutt Day: 5 Best Gifts For Your Favorite Mixed Breed Dog Lover

Dog with gift in mouth

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National Mutt Day is celebrated twice a year! You can give it up for mutts on December 2nd or July 31st — or both! That gives us double the fun with our favorite pups.

Of course, we love our mutts all year long, but we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate our mixed breed buddies.

Do you know someone who has a mutt? Give them a surprise with a gift in honor of National Mutt Day! Here’s a collection of gifts for the mutt lover in your life.

1. For The Witty And Sophisticated Mutt

champagne bottle plush toy

(Picture Credit: Dog Diggin Designs via Amazon)

Shaken, not stirred. This gift is for the Mutt in your life who’s always the “life of the party.”

Dog Diggin’ Designs is killing it with their collection of pet toys and pet beds — always tongue-in-cheek and absolutely chic! They’ve designed an impressive number of send-offs of alcoholic beverages, from Corona to Jack Daniels.

Cocktails, any-mutt?

You can get the Mutt & Chandog Squeaky Plush Toy on Amazon here!

2. For The Eco-Sensitive And Sensible Mutt

dog bed

(Picture Credit: Molly Mutt via Amazon)

Buy the Molly Mutt Armor water resistant liner and an adorable dog duvet, and stuff it with whatever you have lying around!

That old plush-robe that’s totally worn out? Put it in the dog bed. Your boyfriend’s tacky muscle T-shirt? Put it in the dog bed! You can tell him that he’s helping the planet! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Then — the best part of all — stick the whole shebang in the Molly Mutt Stuff Sack and wash it. Even loose pillow stuffing is safe to put right into the washer.

You can get the Molly Mutt Stuff Sack on Amazon here!

3. For The Fitness Gu-Roof

dog leash

(Picture Credit: Tuff Mutt via Amazon)

Whether running, walking, or hiking, the active mutt can be safe, and their human is hands-free. Tuff Mutt has solved a lot of problems for active Mutts and their humans.

This leash can slide from side to side rather than simply hitching to a specific spot. The 48-inch leash is also a bungee, so you don’t get tangled if your Mutt slows down. It’s reflective for safety, too.

You can get the Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Adjustable Dog Leash on Amazon here!

4. For The Family Of Mutt Lovers

Nuts about Mutts board game

(Picture Credit: Grandpa Beck’s Games via Amazon)

Here’s a card game that’s “A Howling Good Time.”

In this UNO-styled game, there are Fire Hydrant Cards, Flea Cards, and Dog House Cards. It’s good family fun for ages five to adult. The game can be played in a basic style, for the very young, or more advanced for your eye-rolling eleven-year-old.

As a parent, I can tell you that the graphics are going to enchant your Mutt-loving kid. Each card is more precious than the last! The “Fast Paced” version feels like UNO and is energetic and challenging.

You can get Grandpa Beck’s Nuts about Mutts on Amazon here!

5. For Your Big-Hearted Lover Of A Mutt

guitar dog toy

(Picture Credit: MuttNation Fueled by Miranda Lambert via Amazon)

This is a gift for when you give to love and love to give. Miranda Lambert is a country star. Whether you love her music or not, you have got to give this girl some props for her love of Mutts.

When you buy these products, you are shopping to save, and that rocks. MuttNation has a ton of great products.

This cute guitar in fantastic colors is new to me, but I have a ridiculously durable MuttNation guitar toy that has survived three different households with three different dogs, including a terrifying Jack Russel, a Lab mix puppy, and my gentlemanly Jack/Chihuahua mix, and it’s still holding up!

You can get the Mutt Nation Fueled By Miranda Lambert Guitar Toy on Amazon here!

Are you getting a gift for a Mutt or Mutt lover for National Mutt Day? What other presents would a mixed breed dog fan enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

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