National Mutt Day: What’s In A Mutt?

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Pet expert, Colleen Paige created National Mutt Day, in an effort to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. It’s celebrated on July 31st and December 2nd.

The term “Mutt” isn’t used too often anymore, and if it sounds like an insult, that’s because it used to be one. definition of Mutt:

  1. a dog, especially a mongrel
  2. a stupid or foolish person;

Of course, today we are more likely to call them “mixed breeds” because people have become more sensitive to the use of negative terms, but maybe Coleen’s agenda was a little more crafty than it seems. Her use of the word “Mutt” pokes fun of that old fashioned characterization. It takes a moniker that has often been seen as an insult and spins it right around to the benefit of Mutts everywhere.

What’s A Mutt? Does It Matter?

So what about a Labrodoodle or a Chiwenie? Are they Mutts? Hmm… some mixed breed dogs can cost as much as a purebred, though you still might find any one of them in your local shelter. Any dog of any breed, mixed or not, can end up in a shelter or worse. It isn’t a stretch to assume that animal advocates like Ms. Paige would be delighted if they were all adopted right this minute by a responsible and committed dog lover.

People Love Their Mutts No Matter What

One dog rescuer had this to say on the subject of Mutts:

“Every Mutt I have ever owned was a source of fascination for my family. We would wonder and guess what breed or breeds could be sloshing around in that melting pot.”

Animal League of America, the world’s largest No Kill animal rescue and adoption organization urges prospective dog owners, “Never purchase a puppy from a pet store, from the Internet or anywhere you see a sign that says Dogs for Sale – since the majority of these puppies come from inhumane puppy mills or irresponsible breeders.”

Breeders, whether they are responsible or not, rely on demand for purebred dogs to keep doing business. That means more dogs, and there are already too many dogs in shelters, especially Mutts. That’s another good reason to visit your local shelter in your search for the perfect pet!

Education is the key, and that’s what National Mutt Day encourages; a discussion, possibly a debate, but mostly an awareness. There are dogs in shelters across America who would love to be loved by someone. Maybe someone like you!

Remember to celebrate National Mutt Day on July 31st and on December 2nd.

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