Meleva Steiert

    National Mutt Day: What’s In A Mutt?

    Pet expert Colleen Paige created National Mutt Day in an effort to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. It’s celebrated on both December 2nd and July 31st. Does it matter if a dog is purebred or mixed? We’re just happy to have our pups, no matter what’s in their DNA.

    by Meleva Steiert
    July 30th

    10 Reasons To Invite Dogs Over for Thanksgiving [VIDEO]

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Make sure you set your table, cook the turkey, and leave a dog-safe plate out for your best friend — your pooch! Watch this video for the top ten reasons why you need to make sure your pup has a place with your family this Thanksgiving.

    by Meleva Steiert
    November 25th

    The Art Of Perfection In Imperfect Pet Parenting

    I’ve parented dogs — lots of dogs. And I have failed to be the best dog parent in the world. It’s true. I’ve tried to train my dogs. I’ve almost housetrained a puppy! It seems for me that dog parenting is always “not quite” and never perfect. But that’s okay.

    by Meleva Steiert
    October 26th
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