Drive-Thru Day: Watch These Funny Dogs Getting Treats On The Go [VIDEOS]

Two year old "snoodle," (snauser poodle mix) Guy, 2, wearing sunglasses and a straw hat, snacks on french fries from the hand of his owner Karl Wiklund. They had just come through the drive-thru at McDonalds and were chowing down together. The family who are from Bancroft, were in Hamilton visiting Karl's mom. I asked Karl why the dog was in the glasses and hat, and he replied, "for the UV rays." But the truth is closer to the fact that Karl and his wife Carmen own a tent and trailer camp in Bancroft, so they began dressing Guy to cater to the kids there, and it caught on.(this was taken about noon)

(Picture Credit: Peter Power/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

July 24th is Drive-Thru Day, a day to celebrate getting tasty treats on the go from the comfort of your car, and no one loves a car ride more than our dogs!

Most of us have taken our pups on a fast food, coffee, or bank run and gotten a little something extra to share with our best friends. Drive-thru workers are usually happy to see our fur babies, and sometimes they give out freebies, especially at banks that send a treat through the tubes.

Drive-Thru Day is a perfect time to take your pooch for a car ride to get some snacks, just like the dogs in the videos below. Here are nine videos of dogs getting treats on the go in honor of Drive-Thru Day.

1. Grande Pup Gets Puppuccino

Sherman the therapy dog certainly deserves a tasty treat, and the Starbucks employee at the drive-thru is all too happy to hold a yummy cup of puppuccino out for him to inhale.

He’s got whipped cream on his face, but maybe he’s saving some for later.

2. Good Burger

It’s rude to eat in front of someone who doesn’t have their food, and this dog isn’t about to tolerate rudeness.

The scrappy dog snatches the burger from a young lady’s mouth and chows down. Next time get some extra nuggets.

3. Throw Her A Bone

Katie the dog is excited for a trip to the bank because she knows it means a tasty treat is coming down the pipe.

She barks out her order to the banker and can’t even wait for the treat to come out of the container before gobbling it up. Yum!

4. Dog On A Drive

The old dog-with-hands prank!

Everyone looks happy to see this pup driving along, and they don’t seem too concerned about how he got his license. Who could resist serving such a cute customer?

5. A Cup To Go

The German Shepherd in this video is very eager to get a treat from Starbucks, and it looks like she inhaled it in one gulp.

Hopefully the pup stopped to spit the cup out, but sometimes when you need a pick-me-up, you can’t wait another second.

6. Can I Get A Lick?

Cooper and Daisy have just gone through the drive-thru at McDonald’s for a tasty ice cream cone.

Daisy gets to have her licks first, and there’s a good reason for that. Cooper is a bit of an ice cream hog.

That hits the spot!

7. I’ll Have A Medium Soda (Adult Language)

Sometimes you see some strange things when you’re waiting at the drive-thru. The dog in this video is just waiting for a drink.

The person with the camera is pretty shocked when the pup gently takes the cup through the window — beware of some adult language.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

8. Drive-Thru Just For Dogs

Drive-thrus are usually for humans, but there used to be a restaurant called Bane and Vader’s in Pennsylvania that had a drive-thru for dogs.

They served all kinds of tasty foods and treats, and from the looks of the dogs in this video, customers were quite happy.

9. K9s Gotta Fuel Up

It can be tough to be a K9 superhero fighting bad guys, which is why Yasso the police dog needs to stop at Starbucks to fuel up.

Yasso gets a yummy puppuccino, which is a deserving treat for the hardworking pup. He looks very happy to get his drink, then it’s back to work.

Are you going to take your pup for a car ride on Drive-Thru Day? What’s your dog’s favorite thing to get from the drive-thru? Let us know in the comments below!