Tell An Old Joke Day: 13 Of Our Favorite Corny Dog Jokes To Celebrate

A fox terrier is dressed up like a clown and he's got the mouth open.

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

July 24th is Tell An Old Joke Day, much to the delight of dads and jokers everywhere. It’s a day to share some laughs or some groans over the jokes you’ve probably heard and told a million times before, and there’s no shortage of jokes about our favorite subject — dogs!

If you know a kid, a dog lover, or someone who could use some cheering up, take some time today to tell a dog joke. Even if it doesn’t get a laugh, most people will appreciate your attempt at humor, and they’ll know you care enough to at least try and spread smiles.

Here are a few dog jokes you can tell on Tell An Old Joke Day!

What are your favorite dog jokes? Are you going to spread laughs on Tell An Old Joke Day? Let us know in the comments below!