Squirrel Appreciation Day: 10 Videos To Celebrate Your Dog’s Favorite Thing To Bark At

Dog Looking At Squirrel Through Glass Sliding Door on squirrel appreciation day

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

January 21st is officially Squirrel Appreciation Day! Squirrels and dogs have always had a precarious relationship. To your dog, a squirrel is their favorite toy to chase, and to a squirrel, your dog is most likely their number one enemy.

The relationship between dog and squirrel can be one-sided in many cases, but there are also many dog and squirrel friendships that exist. Hard to believe for some of us, but it’s true!

Whether it’s being mortal enemies or best friends, here are ten videos that chronicle the complex relationship between dogs and squirrels in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day.

1. Dog & Squirrel Play Chase Around Tree

This dog and squirrel have decided to play a game of chase, but around a tree. They keep going in circles, with the squirrel teasing the dog as he continues to go around and around the trunk while the dog follows on the ground.

They’re going so fast, it’s amazing these guys aren’t dizzy by the end of it!

As much as the dog tries, there’s no luck in catching this sly squirrel. The squirrel made it away in the end, but this video definitely represents the classic chase between dog and squirrel.

2. Squirrel Hides Nuts In Dog’s Fur

In this hilarious video, a squirrel decides to use a Bernese Mountain Dog’s fur as his own personal nut hiding place.

There’s no chase here. Instead, the squirrel uses the dog’s fur to his own advantage — because why not? Plus, this dog is the perfect breed for nut hiding because of how much fur they have. And the dog doesn’t seem to mind one bit, as he just sits patiently while the squirrel buries food in his fur.

The squirrel has decided he doesn’t need to fear dogs when he can use them for his personal stash!

3. Rescue Squirrel Cuddles With Dog

While we’re used to seeing the classic videos of dogs chasing squirrels or squirrels teasing dogs, these two represent a completely different type of relationship. Instead of being enemies, these guys are best friends.

After falling out of a tree as a baby, Stewart the squirrel was rescued and taken in so he could recover. That’s when he met Callie the Miniature Australian Shepherd, and their friendship officially began.

The two of them are inseparable and prove squirrels and dogs can be friends after all.

4. Squirrel Teases Siberian Huskies

It seems as if the squirrel in the video above has got it out for those Siberian Huskies. He keeps running back and forth on the fence in the same exact spot, as if purposely teasing the dogs.

Every time he goes one way, the dogs head towards him, but then he quickly turns in the other direction, forcing the dogs to turn as well. Maybe this squirrel seeks revenge for all that barking, and it seems to be working!

5. Dog Protects Squirrel From Cat

This dog is extremely protective of his baby squirrel friend. They’re best buddies, and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

They have a very trusting relationship, so much so that the dog doesn’t even mind the squirrel sitting on his head!

When the cat comes over, the dog can sense trouble, and before the cat can whack the squirrel, the dog takes immediate action. This squirrel is extremely thankful to have such a loyal and protective best friend.

6. Baby Squirrel And Labrador Play Together

Millie the Golden Labrador Retriever loves to play with this baby squirrel.

After a tree fell down in their backyard, Millie’s humans found the baby squirrel all by himself without a mother. They took him in and cared for him to make sure he would be okay, and that’s when the squirrel got to know Millie.

Millie and the squirrel play all the time and are extremely careful to never hurt each other. The humans hope to release the squirrel back into the wild, but for now Millie has a new playmate!

7. Dog Howls At The Word ‘Squirrel’

It’s safe to say that this dog is completely and utterly obsessed with squirrels. The moment anyone says the word “squirrel,” this dog can’t stop howling.

There’s no squirrel in sight, but as soon as his dad says the magic word, the dog starts up howling and can’t contain himself. He knows exactly what the word “squirrel” means, so be careful if you say it around him because this dog will go nuts.

8. Squirrel Teases Dog Through Door

As this dog sits at the glass sliding doors, the squirrel decides it’s the perfect time to tease him.

Sometimes dogs will watch through a window or door as squirrels eat and hide nuts in the backyard, but this squirrel specifically is on a mission to tease the dog. He jumps right on to the glass door and crawls up and down, sending the dog into a massive frenzy.

The dog loses it while the squirrel gets away. Looks like the squirrel won this battle.

9. Dog And Squirrel First Meeting

It’s the first time this Beagle and squirrel are meeting. Instead of going after the little critter, the Beagle is extremely calm, gentle, and kind.

Albie the Beagle has a very loving and relaxed attitude towards life and always wants to be everyone’s friend — even a squirrel’s — no matter what. After greeting each other, the two of them start playing at the initiation of the squirrel.

Instead of Albie chasing the squirrel, the squirrel chases Albie! Hopefully these two will meet again on another walk because they seem to love each other.

10. Golden Retriever Entranced By Squirrel On Laptop

This adorable Golden Retriever doesn’t even need a live squirrel in front of him to get excited. He’s completely entranced just by a video of a squirrel on the laptop!

He can’t look away from the screen and is completely captivated. His eyes are wide, and he looks as though he’s seeing the real thing and is ready to pounce.

Good thing it’s just a screen or this squirrel might not be so lucky.

What does your dog do when they see a squirrel? Will your pup chase and bark at these critters on Squirrel Appreciation Day? Let us know and leave a comment below!