January Is National Train Your Dog Month

This January is National Train Your Dog Month, so make a New Year’s Resolution to learn something new with your four-legged friend. Your pup will appreciate it all year long!

by DogTime
January 15th

Dogs React To The Word “Walk” [VIDEO]

The word “walk” is enough to make the dogs in this video practically burst at the seams with joy. Their reactions are hilarious! Celebrate with them in January for National Walk Your Dog Month!

by Mike Clark
January 3rd

5 Biggest Challenges Of Being A Dog Walker

There aren’t many jobs where your clients are so excited when you show up that they race to the door, jump on you, and lick your face. But being a professional dog walker has its challenges, too!

by Mike Clark
January 3rd

Dog Training: Walking On-Leash

Dogs aren’t born knowing how to walk on leash. It takes training! Check out what master trainer Ian Dunbar has to say about teaching your dog good leash manners.

by Ian and Kelly Dunbar
January 2nd
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