Dogust: Celebrate The Unofficial Birthday Of Shelter Dogs On August 1st!

birthday dogs celebrating dogust

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You may not have heard of “Dogust” yet, but it’s coming up on August 1st! Dogust is the unofficial birthday celebration for all shelter dogs whose exact birthdays are unknown.

If you adopted a dog from the shelter and don’t know their exact birthday, then join in on the celebration! It’s a great time to throw a doggy birthday bash for your best furry friend.

Here are some suggestions for making your dog’s unofficial Dogust birthday a fun, safe event for humans and dogs!

Kick Off Dogust With A Pooch Birthday Party

couple of French bulldogs on birthday party.

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Like people birthday parties, dog birthday parties can be as formal or as low-key as you want. You can choose a theme, send invitations, put together goody bags, and dress your pup up if they’re into it.

Or you can think about what your dog loves best in life and give them one full day of it with a few of their best doggy pals and their humans.

*This year, with social distancing guidelines, you may want to keep the party to family member dogs only. Humans should wear masks and stay six feet apart!

Some fun suggestions to make your dog’s Dogust party a barking blast include a group romp in the woods, a run through an agility course, and of course, an extra tasty treat when it’s all over.

You can also throw a party in your own backyard. Maybe your pooch guests will appreciate a treat hunt where you hide treats around the yard and let the pups use their sniffers to track them down.

Or you can take advantage of the summer weather and have a sprinkler or kiddie pool for all the water-loving canines. Just make sure you’ve got some towels for muddy paws on standby!

No matter how you celebrate, invite as many or as few dogs and people as you and your pup will safely enjoy — and no more. Packs of dogs can be unruly, and nothing ruins the party spirit quicker than the birthday pooch or host getting overwhelmed or stressed.

Do you have a former shelter dog at home who’d love a doggy birthday party? Are you planning a special Dogust celebration for them? Let us know in the comments below!