Puppy shower invitations

DogTime Evite invitations

Whether your throwing a puppy shower for someone else or for the new addition to your family, one easy option is to send an Evite online invitation. Not only do they save time and money, they’re earth-friendly too! Dogtime and Evite have partnered to create dozens of darling digital invitations for you to pick from for your dog’s special day. Click on DogTime Evite invitations to see all your choices.

Pretty on Paper

A quick online search will turn up lots of paper puppy shower invitations you can buy. But if you want a personalized touch, you can make your own featuring your pup’s picture or her paw print on the front of a paper invite. And someday you’ll be able to look back and wonder that she was ever that small.

The location

Many doggie daycares allow you to rent out their space for parties, or you can throw it in your own home. If you’ll be inviting other puppies and dogs, you may want to rent a venue or use your backyard, where there’s less for the pups to destroy. Just remember that until about four months of age, when your puppy’s shots have kicked in, she’s vulnerable to picking up dog diseases even by just sniffing areas where unvaccinated dogs have been. Make sure a rented venue is well-scrubbed or stick to a home where the resident dogs are all up to date on their shots.

The guest list

If you’re inviting other dogs, specify that only healthy dogs who are up to date on their shots can attend, since your young pup is still vulnerable to catching diseases until about four months of age. Adult dogs should be the calm, well-behaved sort as well, so your pup doesn’t get too intimidated by the big boys and girls.

The timing

Puppies have short attention spans and collapse frequently for naps. Keep the organized part of the party to an hour or so; if the guests want to hang out and chat afterward while the puppy sleeps, all the better.

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