National Puppy Day: 7 Adorably Annoying Things Puppies Do

pit bull puppy on national puppy day

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March 23rd is National Puppy Day! It’s a day to celebrate the puppies in our lives for being so adorable and loving.

It’s also a day to remember that there are many puppies and dogs in shelters, rescues, and on the street that need our help. If you’re thinking of bringing home a puppy from a shelter, find out if you’re ready first.

If you are ready to take the plunge this spring and adopt a puppy, expect your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds to become very popular as you post cute and funny pics of your adorable new family member.

That said, it’s not all fun and excitement. You also need to take some precautions and start training early or those new boots you purchased this winter will be torn to shreds by the aforementioned adorable new pup.

Here are a few other annoying–but somehow endearing–things this furry new addition to your family may do, so be prepared!

1. Puppies Will Follow You Everywhere

woman runs with puppy

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The phrase “follow you like a puppy dog” exists for a reason.

You need to go to the bathroom and want some privacy? Good luck with that. Puppies are looking for a pack leader, and you know what, buddy? That’s you!

For the first couple of months, get used to your puppy shadowing you 24/7.

2. They Find Everything To Be A Little Too New And Exciting

puppy running in grass

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Doorbells, people, loud sounds on the TV, or even a sneeze may send your pup into a barking fit.

If you have a full-length mirror that touches the floor, beware! That mirror has just become both your pup’s best friend and worst enemy.

3. They’ll Treat Everything As A Chew Toy

puppy chewing stick

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Your puppy’s preferred chew toy might just be the dirty underwear you left sitting on your bedroom floor.

You will be amazed at how much tidier you become a few weeks after getting a puppy. It can be frustrating, but come on–how adorable is your pup with that sock hanging out of their mouth and over their ear?

4. Puppies Love Mornings

cute puppy in grass

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Shifting groggily in your sleep at the crack of dawn, is a clear signal to your puppy that it’s time to get up and greet the day with an amount of energy that even the greatest of coffee fiends cannot seem to fathom.

You may not be a morning person, but seeing your pup wag their tail at light speed will make you smile and possibly forget that it’s 5:30 am.

5. They’ll Turn Your Bed Into Their Treasure Chest

puppy in pajamas on a bed

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If you’re one of those owner who lets the puppy into your bed, chances are good that your pup has left a few found treasures in there for you.

What you need to know is that your bed will soon become your puppy’s storage locker. You may find things like chew toys, half eaten treats, and maybe even a few slobbery pairs of your own socks buried way under and between the sheets and blankets.

Please do not move them. That is exactly where they belong!

6. They Pee–A Lot

black puppy peeing

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Puppies are like babies without the diapers. There will be moments when you feel the amount of pee coming out of your puppy defies logic.

Puppies will go outside, pee, and then come inside and pee again!

In the beginning it’s a good idea to take your puppy outside every hour and let them sniff the grass, just to see if they feel inspired to go. It will save you from a lot of cursing as you scrub your carpets over and over, and the fresh air is good for you too.

7. They Lick You–A Lot

puppy licks owner in matching hoodie

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In theory, a cute puppy licking your face, shouldn’t be annoying.

Puppy kisses are the cutest things ever, but the non-stop licking and kissing can wear out even the most patient of pet owner. You may notice that your puppy is licking the lotion off of your hands or legs right after you apply it, and the fact that you just put on makeup isn’t going to mean anything to your brand new puppy.

Puppies love giving wet puppy kisses all day and all night.

There will be moments of frustration with your new pup. However, they will be balanced with moments of pure love, joy, and happiness. Every dog owner will tell you that it’s totally worth it.

What maddening but endearing things has your puppy been up to? Are you doing anything special with your pup for National Puppy Day? Let us know in the comments!