Survey Says Dog Owners Smooch Pooches More Than Their Human Partners

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There’s no question about the fact that we love our pups. And it shows at the end of the day when we get home and all we want to do is hug them and give them kisses. How can any pet parent not be excited at the sight of their pup, especially when we get their unconditional love every time they hear the door open?

Our pups give us the overwhelming impulse to want to cuddle and pet them, which usually entails kissing them and telling them how much they mean to us. Quite often, we might notice there are people who have better bonds or relationships with their pooches than with other fellow people.

In fact, a recent survey shows just how much pet parents want to express their love for dogs more than for other humans.

The Survey

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Riley’s Organics, which is an organic treat company for dogs, released a survey not too long ago regarding how close pet parents are to their beloved pooches. The company asked dog parents across the United States how much affection they give their pups.

The surprising results of the survey found that humans preferred to give dogs more love and care than other humans.

According to the survey results, 52 percent of respondents admitted to kissing their dog more than their human significant other. Also, 61 percent of people stated they kiss their dogs on the mouth.

That same 52 percent also mentioned they would rather share their bed with their pooches if given a choice between them or their human partner.

We Simply Love Our Dogs

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These findings might be astonishing to some, especially those who don’t own any pets. But 94 percent of all those who participated in the same survey conducted by Riley’s Organics, also stated they consider their dog to be their best friends.

This survey came a year after Riley’s Organics released the results of a separate survey asking dog owners if they’ve ever skipped out on social events just to hang out with their dogs. People overwhelmingly admitted that they did.

Although the results show how much we love to give our pets affection, they don’t necessarily mean we love our dogs more than our significant others. We share a special bond with our pups due to their loyal friendship and undying love they have for us. They also love to lick and cuddle with us at home.

Dogs are amazing creatures, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world to love and care for them.

What do you think of the survey results? Do you kiss your dog more than your significant other? Let us know in the comments below!