Dog Love More Powerful Than Partner Love? You Might Be Surprised

A report from Rover shows that many dog lovers take their pooches into consideration when it comes to relationships with human partners. Almost half cuddle their dogs more than human significant others. Check out the other fascinating results!

by Gel Galang
February 26th

8 Great Dating Tips For Dog Lovers

We dog lovers are a special breed, and not everyone can handle our love for all things canine. Here are a few dating tips for dog lovers that will help you find the right human to share your puppy love with.

by Mike Clark
February 13th

How Dog Training Can Help Your Marriage

Professional dog training is like family therapy — it’s better to get help before you need it. Training your dog as a team can help strengthen your relationship with your human partner and your dog before it’s too late.

by Heather Marcoux
July 5th
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