Survey Results: Most Pet Owners Say Dogs Are Their Favorite Family Members!

Portrait Of Man And Woman With Dog In Car

(Picture Credit: Steph Kemp / EyeEm/Getty Images)

We pet parents know that our dogs are a part of the family. In fact, we may even give them just a little more love than we do to our human family members.

Merrick Pet Care and The Harris Poll conducted a survey of over 1,000 pet owners. They wanted to find out just where our dogs stand when it comes to being a part of the family.

The results show that our pooches really are “top dog” in the family tree.

Here are some of the fascinating findings.

Survey Says Dogs Are In Charge

Merrick’s survey, conducted as part of their “Dogs are in Charge” campaign, found that almost seven out of ten pet parents say that their dog is their favorite member of the family.

Of course, if you’re a proud pet parent, you already consider your dog a part of the family. However, if you’ve ever thought of your dog as your absolute favorite family member, you’re clearly not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority!

That wasn’t the only result that proved dogs have a special place in our hearts. Here are a few of the other survey findings that may surprise you:

  • 62 percent of pet owners have bought their dogs holiday gifts.
  • 54 percent of pet parents celebrate their dogs’ birthdays.
  • 43 percent of dog owners have taken their pooches on vacation with them.
  • 73 percent of dog owners allow their pups on the furniture.
  • 66 percent allow their dogs to sleep in their beds.
  • 25 percent of pet parents have bought cars or homes with their dogs in mind.
  • 17 percent of dog owners have carried or pushed their dogs in strollers when they could walk on their own.

Millennials Dote On Their Doggos

Earlier, DogTime reported that millennials, in particular, are increasingly considering their dogs when they look to purchase new homes, even more than their plans for marriage or raising families. Many young people seem more attracted to amenities like nearby dog parks and vet services than good schools and playgrounds.

But that’s not the only way millennials are making life choices based on their dogs, according to the survey.

More than six out of ten millennial dog owners say they make social plans based on their pooches’ schedules.

Furthermore, a whopping 55 percent of millennials say that their dogs eat better quality food than they do, themselves.

What do you think? Are you surprised by any of these survey results? Do you agree with them? Let us know in the comments below!