Daily Dose Of Cute: Watch These Adorable Dogs Cuddling With Their Cat Siblings [VIDEOS]

Dog Cats Cuddling

(Picture Credit: chendongshan/Getty Images)

It goes without saying that our dogs love us unconditionally. For some dogs, that love can spread not only to us humans, but other animals, as well.

In fact, some dogs have all kinds of different pet siblings at home with them. But there’s nothing like the relationship between a dog and a cat.

Though we might find lots of contentious relationships between dogs and cats in movies and television, that’s not always the case in real life. And the videos below are proof that dogs and cats can truly get along.

Here are seven videos of dogs cuddling with their cat best buddies.

1. Beagle Makes Sure Cat Is Clean Before Nap

Many of us like to take a shower or clean up before we go to bed. Sometimes our pets share this routine.

In the clip above, we catch a cute little Beagle cuddling with his cat sister. But before he can relax and fall asleep, he makes sure his cat sister, who has already fallen asleep, is clean.

He starts by licking the back of her head gently while she purrs. At the very end, when he’s satisfied with her cleanliness, he finally rests his head on hers.

2. Bengal Cat Finds The Perfect Spot With Doberman Brother

Sometimes it takes us all a minute before we can get comfortable in bed. It’s a quest for the perfect position that can get us falling into dreamland in the blink of an eye. Take this Bengal cat for instance.

In the video above, kitty tries to find the perfect cuddling position with her Doberman brother who’s already comfortable. After trying a couple of positions, this cute Bengal finally settles on sitting on her brother’s legs as the perfect spot.

3. Kittens Show Love To Their Labrador Retriever Sibling

One of the many ways our dogs and cats show love is through licking. It’s often a way to express their affection.

In the clip above, we catch two 14-week-old kittens as they express their love for their Labrador sister. The beautiful Labrador Retriever lies there as both kittens cuddle and clean away at their dog sister’s neck and ears.

It’s a beautiful showing of love between siblings.

4. Cat Tries To Calm Dog Down For Nap Time

If you have kids, you know it’s almost a herculean task to get them down for a nap during the day. The same concept might be applied in this video as we watch a cat trying to cuddle with her dog brother for a nap.

But this energetic pup isn’t in the mood to sleep as he tries to play with his tired cat sister. Eventually, toward the end of the video, his cat sister gives up and leaves him in bed to entertain himself.

5. Dog And Cat Sleep On Each Other By The Door

There are times in life when we’re so tired, we might find ourselves falling asleep in the strangest of places. Take these pet siblings for instance.

In this quick clip, we catch both dog and cat as they sleep comfortably on each other. But the most interesting part of this clip is that they’re both sleeping at the foot of the sliding back door of the house.

Hey, as long as you can get your nap in, right?

6. Dog And Cat Cuddle While Watching Television

Sometimes a planned evening sitting on the couch and watching TV can turn into a nice nap.

While this family plans to stay in and watch something on TV, they notice their cat is more in the mood to cuddle with her dog brother and fall asleep.

She eventually yawns and makes herself comfortable against her doggo bro as they relax on the couch. It’s a cute sight of both pet siblings at peace.

7. Sisters Stick Together Through Loneliness

In this beautiful story, a family adopted a new pup. But when the dog’s humans go off to work for the day, she gets really anxious and lonely. That’s where her big cat sister comes in.

Using hidden cameras, the family watched as big sister Ginger came to ease her dog sibling, Vizsias, by cuddling with her on the couch.

It’s a video that shows how our pets can love and comfort each other when their pet parents are away. Beautiful!

What do you think of these cuddling fur siblings? Does your dog ever snuggle with a kitty brother or sister? Let us know in the comments below!